Re: Milwaukee Road stock car CMSTP&P. 104637


I believe the builder you seek is Paul Hecht. he's a builder for hire for Rails Unlimited kits. Two years ago at Indy Oscale I had conversation with him about the unusual vertical brake staff gear box (with exposed Gear)) if this is what you speak of. I don't have any direct contact Info but I would try Ted Schnepf Rails Unlimited, the two of them were set up together at Oscale Chicago this weekend. Mike Dietrich

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At Naperville in October of 2010 someone displayed a Milwaukee Road stock car lettered "C.M.STP.&P. 104637." I suspect this car was built in O Scale. I would like to contact the builder or owner of this stock car. Please email me at bierglaeser at yahoo dot com.
Gene Green

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