Re: Derby Oil Company Tank Car Photos

Douglas Harding

According to

the DOX reporting marks were used as follows


The Derby Oil Co.



General American Transportation Corp.



Derby Oil Co.

1/1950-7/1954; eliminated 4/1955


Derby Refining Co.

added 4/1955; 10/1957; eliminated 1/1960

Note the change to GATC which is similar to the action of a number of oil
companies in the 30's as they sold their tank car fleets and switched to
lease agreements. This would indicated that Derby also sold their tank cars
in 37/38. Then beginning in 1950 Derby again claimed ownership of the
reporting marks, and changed their corporate name in 1955.

It would appear that Ted's research was not complete. And it further
highlights the difficulty of using the ORER to track private owned cars, esp
tank cars.

Doug Harding

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