Re: Carstens reefer

Douglas Harding

Here is what I have on the Carstens Packing Co. There is some differences in
dates, as the different sources could not agree.

The Carstens Packing Company was founded in 1897, and was one of the early
Tacoma businesses to locate on the tideflats. In 1952 the company was sold
to Hygrade Food Products Corp. Hygrade closed its Tacoma plant in 1990.
Carstens Packing Company was the largest independent meat packing company on
the West Coast, with plants in Tacoma, Seattle and Spokane. They provided
quality assured wieners, beef, bacon, ham, sausage, lamb, pork, veal and
many other meat products.

Carstens' went under a TC Brand and handled Kimberly beef, TC bacon, pork,
lamb, Sweet-N-Tender ham, TC sausage, veal and canned meats. The Carstens
Packing Company opened on Tacoma's tideflats at 1623 East J. Street in 1903.
By 1905 Carstens was one of the largest slaughtering and packing houses on
the west coast.

Carstens Packing Company opened in Tacoma in 1903 at 1623 East "J" Street.
It became part of Hygrade Food Products in 1954, and closed in 1990.

As to the car itself, I don't have anything, but I would guess the doors are
to the left on each side, with an ice bunker in each end. You only
load/unload from one side, you want the doors so you can spot in the same
location, no matter which side of the car is dock side. Further off set
doors were probably thought to reduce the loss of cold air. Note the four
hinges per door, something not seen too often. And the door height goes to
the fascia, also something unusual for a meat reefer.

Doug Harding

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