Re: One less car on the layout....removing paint on Resin models

Bill Welch

Rather than grit blasting, I would first try blasting baking soda. I confess I have not used this media on paint however. Frankly I do not trust any chemical where resin is involved.

Another less abrasive media is either powdered walnut or pecan shells(I cannot remember which it is). I have seen one of these on a site that sells such media and I remember watching a documentary where they were removing paint from a HUMV with either powdered walnut or pecan shells as a part of applying armor kits.

Bill Welch

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So, what is recommended for stripping resin models (besides grit-blasting)? I have an SC&F car that I need to strip (the Polly-Scale Armor Yellow has a run in it).



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Bill Welch wrote:

I ruined two UP models, one Sunshine, one Westerfield, using Chameleon paint stripper. I would not use anything but Media Blasting to remove paint from Resin.
Cast urethane doesn't take kindly to alcohol immersion, and the first listed ingredient in Chameleon is propanol.

Some years ago we made some cast resin prototypes for a medical equipment manufacturer. Someone in the customer's office thought they were production parts and put them in an alcohol autoclave to sterilize them. A few minutes in hot alcohol vapor turned them into bloated mush.

Tom Madden

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