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It looks identical to the TCRL 108 in the Seattle Car and Foundry catalog which is listed as a steel underframe beef car built for Carstens Packing Company, albeit without the colorful paint job TCRL 108 has.  The description claims two small ice bunkers, one at each end.  Length 34 feet.  Three meat rack tracks extending the length of the car.  Diamond Arch Bar trucks.  Inside height 10 feet, 2 inches.  Westinghouse Automatic Air Brake.  Metal Bolsters. 33 inch Chilled Cast Iron wheels.  Inside hung brake beams.  Weight of car, 49,000 pounds.

Tom Dempsey, Spokane, WA

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There was a Carstens meat packing plant located in the Tideflats area of Tacoma WA. The cursive "Carstens" on the refer is very similar to the lettering used on their tractor-trailers in the 1950s.
Jim Murrie
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An interesting bit from the MR forum:

There was a Carstens reefer. A full size one. Maybe more than one.

Anyway, there's a photo on this site (about 3/4 page down)

If we're flinging the word "cute" around, it would certainly stick to this car.

I figure there's only one ice bunker, not one on each end. And I also figure the door on the other side lines up with the one on this side.


Edward Sutorik:

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