Re: One less car on the layout....removing paint on Resin models

Greg Martin


Wet sand the "run" and feather it into the rest of the body, it the safest
thing you can do as most all strippers rely on alcohol as Tom mentioned...
Start with 400 and work your way down to 1000 wet and dry and use water
when you are working it works the surface better. I have had to this more than
once when I didn't get the desired sheen I was striving for on passenger
car sides. This of course doesn't work all freight cars.

Greg Martin

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Jeff.A.Aley@... writes:

So, what is recommended for stripping resin models (besides
grit-blasting)? I have an SC&F car that I need to strip (the Polly-Scale Armor Yellow has
a run in it).



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