Re: Anthracite loadings

Jim Wolf

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Nope. The Grande loaded all of 566 tons of Anthracite coal in
1950. By 1956 it was down to a meer 77 tons.
Don't know what you're saying "nope" to. All my response was to
answer the question about what road in the west hauled anthracite
coal. ("I believe those mines were in the West, but cannot
remember where or which road hauled them.")

I was not attempting to reconcile the "missing" 6,000,000 tons. From
your own post, the RG did indeed handle anthracite traffic, and it
came from the Crested Butte Seam near the town of the same name.
The mine there was owned by Colorado Fuel and Iron in Pueblo, and
closed in the early 1950's. There were bituminous and
sub-bituminous seams in the area as well.

Former RG Trainmaster John Norwood, in his book "Narrow Guage
Recollections", recalls moving 4-5 trains of coal per day off the
Crested Butte Branch. These trains went to the famous "Barrell
Transfer" at Salida, CO for transloading into standard guage cars for
the remainder of the trip to Minnequa. I believe that Mr. Norwood
was speaking of the 1930's or 1940's, however. He also related that
this traffic dropped off precipitously after WWII.

Jim Wolf
Lakewood, CO

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