Re: New to group - an introduction

Benjamin Hom

Paul Woods asked:
"First project is to be a NYC steel boxcar from the early 20's,
diagram B41, I think it is. If anyone can help with plans or
photos, 'twould be much appreciated."

Paul, welcome aboard!

"B-41" is most the page number from the NYC diagram book.
Unfortunately, it's not much help to the rest of us if you don't have
the date of the diagram book. (There should be a revision date next
to the page number.) NYC diagram books typically use two pages to
illustrate groups of cars - the first has a diagram illustrating the
major dimensions, and a second page listing the applicable lot numbers,
number series, capacity, light weight, general drawing, builders data,
and quanitities. Once you have the lot numbers, you can cross-
reference them against the information at Terry Link's website at
to get you started on getting additional information once you've
identified the car.

Ben Hom

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