Re: Carstens reefer

Douglas Harding

Al, I wasn't doing this kind of research five years ago. Last night, after
my posting, I was sent NP freight car diagrams for two NP meat reefers that
had offset doors like the Carstens reefer. Turns out the NP had two reefer
designs with offset doors, dating from the 1930's, which ran at least into
the 40's. The NP served the Carstens meat plant, so there could be a
connection. Makes me speculate, that if the car in the photo has been
repainted by a well-meaning preservation group, it could be a NP reefer, not
a Carstens reefer.

One series, 99998-99, (yes a total of two cars) from 34/5 was a 50' single
sheathed reefer rated at 100,000lbs, with steel underframe. The other
series, 99990-91 (yes again just two cars) from 37/8, is a traditional 37'
double sheathed wood reefer rated at 80,000lbs with steel underframe. It is
this second series that looks very much like the car in the Carstens photo.

Here is a photo of an offset door NP reefer

Doug Harding

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