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I went by Lowes in Reno this morning and they HAVE 2 GALLONS on shelf and normally carry MEK (NOT SUBSTITUTE)

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I have been using MEK as a styrene cement since reading Al Armitage's
1959article in MR. However, the last time I looked for it at our local (but
very complete) ACE hardware store, the clerk told me that it was not longer
available. A Google search lead to a number of modeler forums where some
respondents indicated that it was available and others asked if California
had banned it.

After not finding it at Lowe's or Home Depot, I went to the Klean-Strip
website a week ago since Klean-Strip is the brand name for MEK, acetone,
lacquer thinner, etc. commonly stocked around here. I then discovered that
California has banned MEK. Klean-Strip showed MEK as available but "Not for
sale in California".

No problem, I'll get some the next time I'm in Reno, NV. But in checking the
availability of MEK online at the Lowe's and Home Depot stores in Reno, I
found that none of those stores in Reno have it in stock. So, I went to back
to the Klean-Strip website yesterday and it is now listed as "Discontinued".

So, if you are fan of MEK, you might want to stock up. I have about a half
gallon left and, fortunately, all of the structures for my layout are done.
But I have a long list of YV freight cars I want to build from styrene...

Jack Burgess
Newark, CA

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