Re: Moldy smell in Old Railway Equipment Registers

Charlie Duckworth

I've had success with these methods
1) get a bag of kitty litter and put 2"-3" in the bottom of a plastic bucket that you can seal.
2) Put the book standing up with as many of the pages fanned open as you can.
3) Keep the book in the sealed contain for a couple of weeks and the kitty litter should pull the mold and moisture out of the pages.

If it doesn't remove all the moldy smell try also sprinkling baking soda between the pages, place in a sealed plastic bag and let sit in the sun for a few days.

Charlie Duckworth

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Been following the great discussions on Steam era equipment and alot of Information quoted is from Old Guides and similar publications.....I have acquired several over the years and most have a pretty moldy smell....How do you fellows take care of this....Registers are in pretty good shape except for odor....Thanks....Larry Mennie

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