Re: Moldy smell in Old Railway Equipment Registers


That mold is feeding on the paper, and you may get rid of the smell however not kill the mold. The next time the humidity rises the mold could come back to life. And if you place these by other books, the mold could spread. You need to kill the mold.

Keep the books isolated from other papers and get some freezer bags big enough to seal the books in the bag and freeze the books, sealed in the freezer bag in your home freezer for about two weeks-three weeks.

If you have a bunch of books check with a meat locker or a friend who has a larger freezer.

We have done this with donations to our archives that have came in with "that smell". It is cheap and effective.

And get a dehimidifier if you do not have one. Jim Dick - St. Paul

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Been following the great discussions on Steam era equipment and alot of Information quoted is from Old Guides and similar publications.....I have acquired several over the years and most have a pretty moldy smell....How do you fellows take care of this....Registers are in pretty good shape except for odor....Thanks....Larry Mennie

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