Re: BLI NYC USRA design steel box car; was Sun Models NYC boxcar

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That's the Broadway Limited Imports car. Sun Models is the company of one of the folks who has worked with BLI on a number of model projects. The BLI car has, of course, been released and is now in re-release mode. Alas, they have yet to offer it equipped for any time frame earlier than the the late 1940's on, so I haven't bothered to get any.
Thanks, Bruce. I wondered if there might have been a connection. They have also not been smart enough to offer the B&A version in more than one road number and, at least from what the Grubba's told me at Springfield, have not even been smart enough to offer a different
number for the B&A car in the latest run! It is a repeat of the first run! How dumb can one get! Still a nice model to have, however. I have been purchasing them in four packs and would take more if they could get their marketing act together. It might also be a good model for Standard Car to offer a steel 1/2 door add-on kit for like the wood 1/2 door add-on for the Accurail cars already offered.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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