Re: Lehigh Valley 60000-60499 Box Cars

Joel Holmes <lehighvalley@...>

Hi Chuck,

The only pictures I have seen of LV box cars prior to the green ones has
the LEHIGH VALLEY on the left side of the car. The LV was on unique in
that there were a number of other railroads that had their name on the
left side of the car.

Joel Holmes

I'm finishing up a Sunshine model of a LV 60000-60499 series wood sided
boxcar. Besides the ACF builder's photo which was in the kit, there is a
photo in Bob Archer's book Lehigh Valley Railroad of one of the cars
around 1937. Their as-built lettering was unique in that LEHIGH VALLEY was
painted over the left side of the car, versus the right on most box cars.
Does anyone have or know of a photo of one of them in the later
1940-1950's lettering scheme? I do not believe they were lettered the same
as the better known cars with the left side opening doors.

Chuck Davis
Norfolk, VA

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