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Here's your gondola shot.
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Group: There is a great photo showing the wide variety of colors of a lot of
box cars in the "CMSTP, Gatewood Yard,Chicago". Go to the flicker site
below, then click on the "older" button about 10 times for the photo. This
shows the variations from newly painted to quite weathered. Also good
reference for types of roofs, and roof walk appearance.

Enjoy, Joe Bower


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Not just the SP. The Pennsylvania RR painted the insides of their hoppers as

Steve Lucas.

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> Clark Propst wrote:
> > Of course there are exceptions Brain, but generally gon and hopper
interiors were not painted.
> I disagree, Clark. Certainly SP painted interiors of every class of
open-top car of which I have an adequate photo evidence. I looked down into
an awful lot of hopper and gondola cars on the B7O track below the Carnegie
Mellon campus in the years I was there (and greatly enjoyed the
opportunity), and would say the unpainted interiors were the exception. Of
course paint was usually in remnant form along the upper parts of sides and
ends in hoppers.
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