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Hi Paul,

My 34.25 has PDS 90B and "General Instructions: 40' Steel Reefers". I'll scan the instructions and send you them tomorrow.

Best regards,

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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That's exactly what I got - instructions for the war-time wooden car and a PDS for the Postwar Steel Reefers. Now I'm really confused - I've done enough Sunshine kits I can put it together, but it would be nice to have instructions.

Paul Bizier

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Are you referring to the FGEX 38375-499 series cars? I have instructions
for these but they really aren't that helpful. The instructions are titled
FGEX, WFEX, BREX Wartime Reefer with no photo of the model and the PDS is
#90B, Postwar Steel Reefers that has one poorly lit photo. I built the car
from the photo on page 118 of the Kline and Culotta book.

Bill Darnaby

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I just got in my last order from Sunshine. Unfortunately, the FGEX steel
reefer (#34.25) I ordered shipped with instructions for the wood anniversary
kit (#34.16). Does someone have the instruction sheet for the steel reefer
they can scan and e-mail me? I hate to bug Mrs. Lofton.

Thanks in advance,
Paul Bizier

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