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Yes, that does help to validate some of the options used on the "Modernized" cars.

-- John

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I have a photo of X26 #38881 with Hutchins roof, Creco 3-panel door and 7-rung ladders on the side. I also have 45466 with Hutchins roof Youngstown doors but grabs on the side (RMC July 2004 pp. 93) #45927 with 7-panel Creco door, Hutchins roof, grabs on the sides (Cars of the PRR pp. 44) #564287 with Hutchins roof, Youngstown doors welded together (from X28) RPC #3 pp. 3) Iam not much help because my comptuer skills don't let me send picutes. I dom't know where i got the photo of #38881. Hope this is some help
Don Ford Kanab UT
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I posted this on the PRR modeling site but have not had a positive response yet. So, even though about 90% of the people here are also on the Pennsy site I thought I would give it a try.

While in Cocoa, I noticed that Funaro & Camerlengo had a PRR/USRA X26 box car with the 5/5/5 Murphy ends, Youngstown 6' door, Hutchins roof and end ladders (rather than grab irons). I asked the SPF's if anyone had a reference to the X26's with these revisions. I found that many X26's were upgraded in the late 1920's through the 1930's with some or all of these additions. They were not given a new class (such as the steel-sided X26B's, X26D's, etc.), but were just called Modernized X26's. Everyone on the PRR site said "model from photos". Well, thats the rub, I cannot find one photo of an X26 with all these features, but specifically, the replacement of the side end grab irons with ladders. I think the ladders were a AAR requirement from the late 1920's on but did not know if it applied to new cars only, rebuilt cars, or what.

So I challenged the Pennsy group to come up with a photo of a real X26 showing these features (Hutchins roof, Youngstown doors & side ladders). No takers so far. How about y'all?

By the way, the story I have heard is that the grabs could pull out of a wood side car, which was detrimental to the health of the brakeman climbing them (I know. I have one that I pulled off of an abandoned single-sheathed boxcar at an unnamed location in mid-Pennsylvania in my living room.). However, if you note, there is one grab iron below the side ladder on X29 boxcars. The reason I was given for this is -- if the cars got rocking back and forth while on the outside track on the Main Line, the ladder could snag on high level passenger platforms creating a severe hazard to the waiting passengers. If a single grab iron snagged the platform, no big deal (comparatively speaking).

Anyway, photo of X26 with side ladders, anyone???

-- John

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