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Since you model the late 1953, it's permissible to build the car with KC brakes, especially since the the history suggests they may not have ever been converted to AB brakes, and no photos have surfaced. KC brakes weren't baned from interchange until the late 1953 (September I think), so in my view it's better to have the car on the layout with KC brakes than on the workbench with no brakes.

Nelson Moyer

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Knowing Ted, if a photo existed of a car with AB Brakes existed, he would have included it. Come to think about it, doesn't he say he doubts they ever were equipped with AB Brakes in the history? OTOH, with the deep reinforcement under the offset doors, it would difficult to see what type of brakes it had, would it not?

Bill Welch

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I will be content to have the door sit a little high.

Has anyone else noted these problems with this otherwise beautiful kit?
I know exactly what you're talking about. I spent several days trying to decided what to do about it and in the end, I decided to do what you're suggesting. I don't think the payoff is worth it. On a different note, IMHO, the worst aspect of that kit is the lack of prototype pictures of the cars with AB brakes. My kit has been sitting on my workbench forever just waiting for a prototype picture with an AB to materialize and since I model late 1953 I really don't have a choice but to wait and keep searching.

Ryan Reed

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