Re: Speedwitch kit K118 SP/T&NO A-50-4 SS autocar

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Bill Welch wrote:
Knowing Ted, if a photo existed of a car with AB Brakes existed, he would have included it. Come to think about it, doesn't he say he doubts they ever were equipped with AB Brakes in the history?
Nelson Moyer wrote:
Since you model the late 1953, it's permissible to build the car with KC brakes, especially since the the history suggests they may not have ever been converted to AB brakes, and no photos have surfaced.
Gentlemen, you are both wrong -- and so was Ted. A number of these cars DID get AB brakes, and I have already provided the car numbers in my blog post about this kit. In fact, I also indicated which cars had which trucks. The first of these posts was mostly about SP car ledgers, but the A-50-4 class was the illustration used, permitting identification of the specific cars which got AB brakes, and the date of converstion. It is at this link:

All cars surviving past January 1953 were listed. The second post is mostly about trucks, original Vulcan or AAR replacements:

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