Re: USRA single sheath boxcar 1960 era survivors sought

Larry Kline


I posted the USRA SS boxcar spreadsheet in Nov 2006. As indicated by the column headings, the data came from ORERs. I identified the unrebuilt cars from the dimensional data. I limited my table to the era covered by the STMFC group.

If you have a mid 60s ORER you can add a column to the spreadsheet and post a revised version in the files section. I would be interested in seeing the results.

Survival of the various rebuilds is listed on the second page of the spreadsheet.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

and Ray Breyer replied:
Hi Jim,

Scroll down to near the end and look for a file called "USRA SS Boxcars.xls"
It claims that there were 704 basically unrebuilt survivors in 1959.

Jim Mischke wrote:
Years ago, I built a Tichy USRA single sheath boxcar as B&O class M-24 company service boxcar XM3867. Based out of Benwood, W.Va., no windows. XM meant mechanically fit for track speed.

I think I would like to build or buy another such Tichy boxcar in another road name, however, unaltered originals with AB brakes were rare by 1960. (I model 1964-65, yet this list is limited to 1960).

Can anyone cite late survivors? B&O had two, plus one with cement hoppers, CNJ only had two, Reading none, on NYC/P&LE even the steel-sided rebuids were gone by then.

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