Re: RPM-East photos

gary laakso

Slide 46 of 96 shows a former FGEX and before that PRR R7 reefer in B&O colors and I assume in company service.

gary laakso
south of Mike Brock

From: Bill Welch
Sent: Saturday, March 30, 2013 5:36 PM
To: Steam Era Freight cars
Subject: [STMFC] RPM-East photos

I don't think anyone has noted this as yet. This link will take you
to a slide show of photos by Eric Hansmann from the recent 2013 RPM-
East event:

If anyone has an easy way to contact Stan Rydarowicz, will you ask
him where he obtained the dandy little Henry J's (or Kaiser Fraziers,
I get them confused)?

Bill Welch
2225 Nursery Road; #20-104
Clearwater, FL 33764-7622

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