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Dennis Storzek

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In the testing stages are HO Code 88 wheelsets using the NMRA Fine flange depth. Not sure how this will work out on the average layout.
Scroll down the bottom of this page--

This paragraph right here is an admission that the standard does not work:

"In most cases, the only noticeable difference is that a wheel might drop slightly when going through a long turnout frog (#8 and higher). On poorly tuned trackwork, this could cause a derailment. This is most noticeable on equalized trucks (typically sprung, but can also be of a type using a separate bolster). Most model truck sideframes are rigid, and the drop is lessened as a result. As long as your trackwork and wheel spacing is in gauge, you should be OK."

Since on the prototype, NO drop is allowable, the wheel tread must be supported by the rail at all times. For model work, the "get-out-of-jail-free card" has been filling the frog flangeways, as in street railway practice, but that precludes using any standard Code 110 wheels on the track, as those flanges will rise up as they run through the frogs. The narrow tread wheels that retain the Code 110 size flanges are actually better for our purpose, as they allow the use offlange bearing specialwork.


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