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Somewhat to my surprise (and also thanks to list member Bill Pardie, who generously donated early sellout issue no. 20), I have succeeded in securing all the RPCyc issues. It is a treasure! I noticed that volumes 20-24 sold out quickly. Is this a result of increased interest or reduced number of copies printed?

I also enjoyed Tony's article on "significant freight cars". I was wondering whether you'd mention the 24000 GN 40' truss rod 40 ton box cars built 1901-1917. They probably had an even greater impact on the GN freight car fleet (40000 cars) than the 29000 X29 cars had on the much larger PRR fleet and could often be spotted in yard scenes all over North America for many years. Westerfield has the kits for them.

The two GN cars you chose were definitely "significant", though. The change to a side faceing goat in the monogram came about around 1940, but the text still stayed SEE AMERICA FIRST GLACIER NATIONAL PARK. It is not until 1947 that the monogram with the GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY text was introduced.

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No doubt many on this list have been buying some or all of the RP Cyc issues as they come out. I just want to stress how valuable the information in them is, and to thank Ed Hawkins and Pat Wider for the richness of their contributions.
An example of the kind of debt I owe this publication and its writers is my column in the April 2013 issue of _Model Railroad Hobbyist_ (like all issues of MRH, it is available free for download; for this month, see: ). In that column, I talk about "signature" freight cars of selected railroads, but the great majority of the citations to sources of prototype information are to RP Cyc.
Incidentally, I have also discussed the "signature freight car" concept in my blog, in this post:

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