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Staffan Ehnbom wrote:
I also enjoyed Tony's article on "significant freight cars". I was wondering whether you'd mention the 24000 GN 40' truss rod 40 ton box cars built 1901-1917. They probably had an even greater impact on the GN freight car fleet (40000 cars) than the 29000 X29 cars had on the much larger PRR fleet and could often be spotted in yard scenes all over North America for many years. Westerfield has the kits for them.

The two GN cars you chose were definitely "significant", though. The change to a side faceing goat in the monogram came about around 1940, but the text still stayed SEE AMERICA FIRST GLACIER NATIONAL PARK. It is not until 1947 that the monogram with the GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY text was introduced.
Staffan makes an important point: choice of "signature" cars depends on era. In an earlier era than my own 1953, the GN truss-rod cars would have been a dominant part of the GN fleet. In fact, anyone modeling a different era than mine would HAVE to make different choices. My point in writing the column was not to advocate my OWN choices, but to illustrate HOW one can go about choosing which signature cars to model. I should also mention that I didn't talk about my home road, SP, for which my range of choices and preferences are entirely different than what I might choose for "foreign" roads. As a GN modeler, Staffan knows what I am talking about.

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