WANTED: O-Scale 2 Rail Model Kit

Dave Sarther

Wanted: O-Scale two rail model of CB&Q XM-840' Box Car The model was
originally offered by Ted Schnepf of Rails Unlimited. This box car was
originally constructed by Pullman in 1925 as an automobile car. The 10'
wide door and a half opening had an inside height of 10' was a
single-sheathed car with external steel reinforcing. According to ORER's
some cars from the original series #11000-12499 were still on the rails
as late as December 1968. I have just begun building P:48 models and as
a CB&Q modeler this car has great interest for me. I would like to build
one of these kits as an initial foray into P:48 modeling. I can recall
seeing a completed model of this car by Jim Zwernemann at the 2007
Naperville RPM Meet where I kept going back to view it over and over
hoping to engage the modeler in conversation. Please contact me off-list
if you have an unbuilt kit you would like to sell. There is a photo
available of Jim's completed model at :
Thank you, Dave Sarther Tucson, AZ sartherdj@aol.com

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