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3. Yes. You have choices. Northern Pacific had 2,000 40' box cars with
4/4 IDE built in 1945-1947 and 2,750 with R+3/4 IDE built in
The latter cars were all built by NP at Brainerd in 4 groups. The last
3 groups built in late-1949 to 1953 had diagonal panel roofs. The cars
built in 1951 and 1953 came with straight side sills, which would
require modification of the Branchline kit. Hope this helps.
Ed Hawkins

Thank you Ed:

In doing more research early this morning, I came across your paper
titled 1944 AAR 40' boxcars dated 2002. This is a wonderful source of
information and exactly what I needed. Now I fully understand your
answer to question #3.

Thanks once again. You are a great resource as are the other veterans
on this blog!

George Corral

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