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Schuyler Larrabee

Thanks, Ed, I knew I could get a definitive answer on this list.


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On Apr 16, 2013, at 9:55 PM, Schuyler.larrabee wrote:

ACF 50' SD Box Car Part No. 5000

ACF 3 Bay Grain Car Part No. 4300

I know that at least some of the Front Range cars were without
But I don't recall which of them were worth having and which were, in
term, foobies.

Can anyone here enlighten me?
The grain car is a 1960s car and outside the time period of this forum.

The #5000 50' box car has 8' door openings, 16-panel welded sides, late
Improved Dreadnaught Ends (1955 & later), and diagonal panel roof. I
believe the model came with two optional side sills, but the tabbed
version is the best one to have for the 8' door opening. With a little
work and substitution of some the original detail parts (grabs,
ladders, brake gear), it builds up into a very nice, accurate model.

I published an article in the October 1992 Railmodel Journal about
using these models. Examples of prototype cars in which the F.R. #5000
can be used with limited modification are:

C&EI 3760-3784/3800-3874, ACF 4-55
D&RGW 64000-64099, ACF 8-56
MKT 90150-90200, ACF 10-56
MP 81000-81099, ACF 12-59
RI 30500-30699, ACF 12-55

The article also discusses some prototype cars with 9' door openings
that could also be devised using the Front Range #5000 kit. However,
more recently Branchline Trains (now Atlas) offers welded-side AAR 50'
box cars with 9' door openings that's a better starting point.
Ed Hawkins

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