Re: Steam/Transition Era Cement plants

J.A. Phillips

I have two photos of the cement plant at Trident, Montana, posted on the NPTellTale of Facebook, both circa 1940. (Plant is still in business, as I recall.)

John Phillips

"I will put down the informal history of the shirt-sleeve multitude," says Inez Mischitz. "What they had to say about their jobs, love affairs, vittles, sprees, scrapes and and sorrows. The oral history is a great hodgepodge and kitchen midden of hearsay. A repository of jabber. An omnium-gatherum of bushwah, gab, palaver, hogwash, flap-doodle and malarkey. The fruit of more than 20,000 conversations. What people say is history, what we used to think was history, is only formal history, and largely false. I will put down the informal history or I will perish in the attempt."

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