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Larry Kline

I just created a photo album called Weaver-Crown Freight Cars and uploaded photos of the Weaver-Crown 32 ARA boxcar, composite reefer and single sheathed boxcar.

Larry Kline

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I have all three of the Weaver / Crown cars. They all are the same height and all three have the same 4-4 Dreadnaught end and the same simplified underframe. The 32 ARA boxcar and the reefer have rectangular panel roofs. The SS boxcar has a 13 carline flat panel roof. Crown models was located in Newtown MA and I bought my first Crown Models cars in a Boston area hobby shop.

The 32 ARA box car is dimensionally correct. I have several painted for the WM. I have 2 reefers painted for the MDT 8000-8145 series. The reefer has a rectangular panel roof rather than the correct DSI roof. I have three SS boxcar models one I painted for as ATSF 128784, and Weaver factory paint jobs for MILW and MWR. The SS boxcars are all stand in models. I agree with Ben Hom that the SS boxcar does not have a prototype.

Bob Jones wrote:
Hi , The model in question was done by Crown Models originally , as was the woodside reefer and the 1932 style boxcar . The line was bought by Weaver soon after they moved into injection molding business , as I remember . The reefer and the 1932 share a 4 over 4 dreadnaught end , which may be the case with the outside braced (box car)

Ben Hom wrote;
Unfortunately, there aren't that many "Pratt truss" 8 ft 7 in IH prototypes (B&M/MTC, L&N, SAL), and none with Dreadnaught ends or 13- carline roofs. You can use this model as a stand-in for the B&M/MTC, L&N and SAL cars, but be advised that roof and ends do not match these

Larry Kline

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