Re: 50ft Box and Auto Cars with Mixed Panel Roofs

Scott Pitzer

I first noticed this pattern on two retired SP cars in use as storage sheds at a lumber yard near the Davis, CA Amtrak station.
Slightly later (around 1993, and before I learned the WHY) I saw the same pattern on a car in Santa Fe work service (in silver paint.)
I couldn't get close to that car, but I did have a good angle for seeing the roof profile...
Scott Pitzer

On Apr 23, 2013, at 6:45 PM, ealabhan0 wrote:

That's great, but gives rise to a couple more questions about
prototype boxcars with these two very different mixed panel roofs:

1. Did any other railroads buy or build postwar 50ft autocars using a
mixed roof with rectangular panels in the third and fourth

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