Two different trucks under one car?

Jim Betz

Hi all,

So I have a 40-foot car, CB&T, SSW 40432, that has two
different trucks under it. One is an Accurail #203, Andrews
U-section. The other is a modern truck with roller bearings
and 3 spring style construction such as you might see under
a modern grain hopper. The car is lettered as "new in 47" and
is a double-door 40-footer.
My question is not "is this correct for this car?". Nor is
is "what is correct for this car?". Nor is it "is this car
correct for SSW?". Nor is it "is it likely/not likely that
any car ever was in service with these two specific trucks
under it?". I think I can answer those myself. Since this
car came out of the "weathering shops" looking very nice I
will probably just change out the trucks to a Bettendorf style
and put it in service.

My question is "how common is it for a car to have two
different trucks under it?" Rare? Sorta rare? Fairly
common for some RRs in some eras?
- Jim

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