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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Mike Brock wrote:
Jim...who apparently has no last name...writes elequently about posting messages on the STMFC. It's a shame, actually, because it looks like he won't be posting again. I mean, we DO have a rule that members MUST include their last name on messages. Otherwise, I might think, for example, that Jim might not really exist. So, as it seems apparent...since I have repeatedly indicated that the signing rule will be enforced...poor Jim has no last name and obviously cannot get one [ how does that work, anyhow? ]. So...Now where did I leave the keys to Moderate Jail? Must be here some place...
Um, Mike, the rules say (or used to say) that as long as your full name is in your email address, you are okay: and JIm Betz does have his full name there.

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