Re: Post War Stock Cars


That's why the invented the reefer. The packers could Slaughter the meat
out west and just ship the valuable parts and no 28 hour rule to worry about.
It seemed the IC stock car fleet dropped about as fast if not faster than
the steam locomotive fleet as the loading switched off "on the hoof" to "on
the hook".

Mark Rickert

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It doesn't surprise me that this would be true for
'short haul' such as from a producer to a regional
slaughter house. But what about the long haul such
as the cattle ranchers in Montana who were supplying
beef to the East Coast. Or is that why it was 'only'
70% in 1950?
And are those 'numbers of animals hauled' or 'numbers
of animal haul miles' percentages? And did those numbers
count the animals hauled by truck to the local rail head
at all?
I'm not 'doubting your numbers' ... not at all - I just
want to understand them fully.
- Jim

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