Re: Brake air tank stenciling

Richard Hendrickson

On May 5, 2013, at 11:18 AM, Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> wrote:


There are a number of decal sets that have been printed
with air brake stencils. I think the first set I ever used
was for an SFRD reefer. They're really tiny and sometimes
hard to see on the decal sheet.

Tim O'Connor

How are others doing it on cars? It's often pretty conspicuous and I like to model it...been using stray bits of repack data to do it, figuring that if my friends are reading it that closely that I need different friends :) The repack data looks fine...but if I didn't care I wouldn't be on this listů
Some reweigh/repack data sets from Champ, Sunshine, etc. include brake service stenciling, but modified repack data works fine. Back when there were no decals for the really tiny lettering on HO scale freight cars, I used to use dimensional data from N scale decal sets for repacking and brake service stenciling, and I put it on upside down just in case anyone tried to read it. 1" lettering in HO is unreadable except with a magnifier, but what matters is that there is something there that's about the right size and configuration. If you manage that, anyone who breaks out an 8X loupe to see what it says has just made the transition from friend to former friend.

Richard Hendrickson

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