Re: Murphy and Hutchins Style Freight Car Roofs

Dave Sarther


Scans of the roof illustrations for the Hutchins Dry Lading and Murphy style freight car roofs would be extremely helpful as I do not have Car Builders' Cyclopedias.

My research has uncovered a marvelous photo of a scratchbuilt model of an single sheathed O-Scale/P:48 freight car with a Hutchins Dry Lading roof on an MKT model by Jim Zwernemann. Jim's model won 1st place in freight cars at the March O-Scale Show in Chicago. and

Thanks, Dave Sarther

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List Members,

I am hoping that some of the members on this list can help me find
illustrations and photos of the Hutchins style(s) of box car roofs and
the Murphy style(s) of freight car roofs.
Dave, these are well illustrated in the Car Builders' Cyclopedias of that era. If you don't have access to them, I can scan them for you.

Richard Hendrickson

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