Re: SL-SF Auto Cars

Bill Kelly

Hi Guy,
I'm catching up on my email today...finally. I don't know what kind of
response you received but if you are still looking for info I have
diagrams of these cars I can scan and email to you. Just say the word.

you wrote:
I am seeking information including a car diagram for SL-SF auto
cars; 150033-E, 150353-E, 150565-E and 150657-E which were built in
1938. The cars were atypical as they had an interior height (at
eaves) of 10' 4" with a height (at center) of 11' 2". Another car,
151390-E, was built with the same dimensions though it was a member
of a different series (151285-151499) of which all other cars were
10' 8" (at eaves) and 11' 2" (at center). Other roads did roster
cars with similar eave to center height ratio(s), though 5 to 8
inches was more the norm for cars equipped with standard peaked

A photo of 150033-E displays a rectangular panel roof with a steeper
pitch than a standard roof which is the key to the difference in
interior dimensions. I am hoping a diagram will shed light on this
particular roof design. I am sure that the applied roof was an
experiment used in conjunction with the loaders which may account
for the "E" suffix though that is speculation on my part. Perhaps
the 151285 series were rebuilt with side extensions and standard

Any help or suggestions for leads would be appreciated.

Kindest Regards,

Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada
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