Re: Brake air tank stenciling

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

John Sykes wrote:
Hey Tony, you're a publisher. You know that is called "Greeking" type, e.g., you use a scribble jumble to represent real text when it is too small for the typesetter. Although when scanned at 4800 dpi and printed at about the same resolution, you don't see that used too much these days. Champ use to use that a lot in their earlier sets, many of the revised sets were done to eliminate the Greeking.
No argument, John, but not responsive to my point. I have zero objection or concern about Richard's upside-down N-scale lettering. I just don't think he should feel negatively about someone who wants to know what it is. Heck, awfully few of us even would know what it was INTENDED to be.

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