Re: Post War Stock Cars

Ray Breyer

In 1950, 66 railroads owned a total of 54,555 stock cars. The largest was
the Santa Fe with 13% of the national fleet. Only 3 roads east of the fleet
Mississippi: PRR, NYC, and B&O, had 1000 stock cars or more. 18 railroads
had 80% of the stock cars.
Steve Sandifer

Um, the IC had 1100 stock cars in 1950, the Rock had 1207, the Q had 3573, the C&NW had 3331, the Milwaukee had 3690.

Might want to rethink and say west of Ohio. The Mississippi has always been a bad way of deliniating "east" and "west", especially for us Midwesterners (of course, we generally consider Ohio to be part of the east......)

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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