UP's Daylight Livestock Train...was Re: Post War Stock Cars


Tim O'Connor writes:

"There were probably still some profitable stock operations in
1950 but I imagine most of them were very low margin, and the
industry was changing dramatically in the 1950's for other
reasons, so it's really no wonder that railroads didn't want
or were not able to adapt to a rapidly changing market."

One of those profitable trains was the UP Daylight Livestock train running
between Salt Lake City and LA. The train was developed to be more competitive with trucking and to avoid having to expand the stock yards at Las Vegas, NV, which were used to water and feed stock enroute to LA. This was necessary because of travel time laws. The Daylight train dropped the travel time in about half and eliminated the stop in Vegas. The train was initiated in 1947 and by 1949 UP handled more livestock than any other RR. The year 1949 showed an increase of 9% just on this run. The late Terry Metcalfe wrote a very thorough article on this train in the first issue of The Streamliner by the UPHS in Jan 1985.

Mike Brock

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