Re: Railway Express Agency Article

Benjamin Hom

Wow. Lots of misinformation flying around on this thread. Let's set
some things straight:

Chuck Hladik wrote:
"Vic also did a book about modeling the REA. I think by Carsten's and
pretty sure it was a conglomeration of the articles."

Vic Roseman authored "Railway Express - An Overview", but the rest of
Chuck's post is incorrect. The book was published in 1992 by Rocky
Mountain Publishing (the post-Schleicher publisher of Model
Railroading). While it includes material from his series in Model
Railroading, it expands on what was previously published and is NOT
strictly a conglomeration of articles.

Scott Haycock wrote:
"IIRC, he did at least 2 articles on REA trucks, but I think they
were in Model Railroading Mag, not RMJ. I found one, on cowl-length
trucks in the Dec 2003 issue."

Here's a link to that article:

Not entirely true. The article that Bill Pardie was looking for was
in the January 2008 issue of Railmodel Journal.

Additionally, Vic did an additional article on REA trucks in the May
1991 issue of Model Railroading.

Ben Hom

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