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Richard Hendrickson

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I wonder how long these cars retained the white bearing covers. For modeling, seems to me like a regular plain bearing truck could be used under these cars - just need to paint the bearing caps.

Dave Evans
The journal lids were painted silver (aluminum) to indicate the special bearings.

Unfortunately, I have no color photos as evidence. However, it has always been my understanding that, as Mike Brock wrote, the journal box covers were originally painted yellow. but only for a short time. As the yellow quickly got too dirty to be readily visible, the color was changed to silver, as Dennis says, and remained that way as long as the cars were in service. As you might expect, not all of the UP's car men understood the significance of this, so numerous instances were reported of the boxes being filled with journal oil, never mind the roller bearings. Fortunately the roller bearings we're sealed, so this resulted in nothing worse than an oily mess.

Richard Hendrickson

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