Re: Decaling our Steam Era Freight Cars

Richard White

Dear Tim,
Does it tell you on the bottle what the ingredients are?
If you know that you can make up your own.
My Microsol and Microset have both dried up recently because the bottle caps disintegrated in our intense sunlight. Nearest stockist is 1,000 miles away!
Richard White - Modelling happily in the Kalahari

--- In, Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> wrote:

Dear "Mad John" -- any idea what is in Champ's solution? My bottle
is half gone and I fear I'll never find another... It remains my all
time favorite; powerful stuff.

Tim O'Connor

More bad news. I looked it up today and found that the "new" solvent in Solvaset has a vapor pressure 10 times higher than the "old" solvent. That means it has 10 times the propensity to evaporate if you leave the top off the bottle. Another reason why it seems to get weaker with age. It's not your imagination! Don't know if the faster evaporation helps or harms the decaling process.

-- John

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