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It started when the first hoof hit the car floor and stopped when the last
animal left the car. This is why you did not load a car and have it sitting
on the siding loaded waiting for the train to arrive unless you knew it was
going a distance that could easily be completed within the time limits.


Steve Sandifer

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Sent: Monday, May 06, 2013 8:31 AM
Subject: [STMFC] Stock car hours

While the topic of stock cars is active, when did the 28 hours
on-car period start and end? I can imagine it taking several hours
to load a train and a few to unload as well. Did the clock start
when the first animal stepped onto the first car? When the last was
loaded? Were stubborn animals left behind when it was time for the
train to leave?
It sure looks like animal behavior could cause schedule problems.
Chuck Peck In Gainesville FL

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