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Just for the sake of completeness, the line was originally called "Train-Master"; I always imagined that there was some problem with Fairbanks-Morse having rights to the name, and it was quickly changed to "Train-Miniature". I still have some boxes from their earliest kits; the same art & graphics on both, but some say "Train-Master" instead of "Train-Miniature".


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Was originally started by the guy who ran Balboa Scale Models (brass importers) (Ted "Something") in the early 1970s. Then it went to Illinois and became "Train Miniature of Illinois Ltd." Dave Rouzer in South Holland, Ill. was the owner. Then Walthers purchased the line and incorporated it into their line.

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Does anyone know the history of Train Miniature? I've never heard a word about the line. Certainly the owner must have had a large supply of photos to do all the accurate lettering (on not so accurate cars). – Al Westerfield

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