Re: Train Miniature


Thanks to everyone who responded to my question. My John Galt Line had over
100 TM cars because they and MDC were the only shake-the-box kits that were
suitable for my era. Because I needed about 350 car to run the layout
properly, I couldn't afford the time to build wood kits or scratch build but
a portion of the fleet. All of this came to mind the other day as I opened
another storage box to sell more stuff on eBay. Of the 10 models I pulled
out, 8 were TM.

I can remember the first TM cars I ever saw, at a hobby shop
in Beacon, NY. I bought all that the dealer had. For their time they were
wonderful. One of the reasons I got into the business was that I couldn't
bear to see all of those cars rolling by with the same height and length. -
Al Westerfield

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