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In the dim recesses of my memory I have this notion that Ted's given name was Francis. Francis E. "Ted" Hollow. ???

Thomas C. "Tom" Madden
Of the three men I'se known during my lifetime named Francis, only one had the stones to go by that name; everyone called him Franny. The other two went by Bill and Buddy. If Francis E. Hollow's middle name was Edward, he could very well just chosen to go by Ted.

I remember discovering TM cars about '67 or '68. I never heard that they were undersize (which they are not)but recall that they were always a buck or so more expensive than the "blue box" alternative, which was significant for a high school kid.

No model railroad product has ever sold too many... one could always use more sales. Even with the use of common components like floors, the TM line built a lot of tooling, costing a lot of bucks, in a relatively short period, and when dealing with a finite market, this tends to cannibalize the sales on the earlier items, leading to disappointment.

Biggest disappointment to me was AHM, TM, and MDC all followed Irv's lead with the operable doors with oversize tracks, especially the lower track. It took another decade for manufacturers to decide that appearance trumps play value, and that you can't have both (although Kadee did a nice job of it on the N scale PS-1, but then patented the door retainer system). Anyway, as soon as one decided they couldn't live with these tracks, it was time to put the TM cars on the swap table, because revising the doors was more trouble than they were worth.

Dennis Storzek

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