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Rod Miller

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How common was it for stock cars to be temporarily / permanently converted
to other loads?
Hi Ron,

In 1953 it turned out that about 5% of shipments that were in cars of AAR MD
"S" were shipments of "something else" (other than livestock). The
"something else" shipments included Products of Agriculture, Products of
Mines, Products of Forests, and Manufacturers and Miscellaneous:

This equates to an annual volume of 22,100 shipments of "something else" in
stock cars versus 433,700 shipments of livestock in stock cars. (Compare
also to roughly 30,000,000 total shipments in 1953.)

I am working on a follow up post that includes a break down by commodity
class and some seasonal data. For my layout setting (Milwaukee harbor) these
"something else" shipments may be the only time a stock car gets on the


Charles Hostetler
I read on the NPmodelers yahoogroup that newly treated
ties were often shipped in stock cars because the
creosote fumes that accumulated in enclosed cars made
for difficult unloading by hand. Stock cars offered
weather protection that wasn't available in open cars.



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