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Charles Etheredge

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How common was it for stock cars to be temporarily / permanently converted to other loads? This means cleaning out the critter leavings and straw, to get to a more-or-less clean floor, and installing (or not) an interior lining so the car could essentially become a boxcar.

I have a photo of a Rock Island (ex-MKT?) stock car with solid (plywood?) lining sitting in a yard in Wichita so there was no clue if was converted for grain service or some other more general loading.

As noted in the other thread on stock cars, I'm really thinking about the end of the time period of this list.

Ron Merrick
Ron, here in Central Texas and east toward the coast there were a LOT of watermelon production, especially around Hempstead and Luling. Don Hand, in his great article in the Fall SPHTS magazine, he had a picture ( cica 1910) of mule led wagons of melons along side of TNO stock cars in Hempstead. The caption stated that up to 1800 carloads of melons were shipped in one year from here. Certainly a seasonal thing but not a rarity by any means in that era. Into the 1940's, melons were still shipped by rail though perhaps not to this extent.

Charles Etheredge

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