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At 4minutes, 10 seconds into the documentary, the N&W's "Operation Fast Freight" (found on youtube), it shows a stock car being loaded with...bricks.

Check it out.

Regards...Davie Henderson
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While this is not really "post war," I thought the following information
would be of interest.

I am co-authoring a book about the Cadiz Railroad, a now-defunct short line
which was built to connect the towns of Cadiz and Gracey in western
Kentucky. The line interchanged with the Illinois Central RR at Gracey.

The Cadiz RR hauled out a lot of green cross ties, loaded in or on whatever
types of cars were available - boxcars, gondolas, flat cars, and even stock
cars. We have a photo of derailment on the line in February 1942. Directly
behind the locomotive is a stock car, but I can't discern the reporting
marks. The back of the photo has the information "Stock car is loaded with
cross ties due to box car shortage."

The Cadiz RR handled stock cars from a variety of roads. We have a copy of a
letter from the short line's General Manager to the ICRR agent in
Evansville, IN, dated December 20, 1934, which states:

"Dear Sir.-

If you can, will you please furnish this office with live stock contracts on
the following cars shipped from your station which were finally destined
Cadiz, Ky.:

Sept. 27/34

U.P. 46381

N&W 27318

N&W 27678

N&W 27545

S.P. 75167

C&S 2?0?6

U.P. 44827

N&W 27625

U.P. 45032

U.P. 46708

S.P. 72080

S.P. 70905

U.P. ?2947

FWD 3572

The Federal Surplus Relief Corporation is demanding these contracts before
payment will be authorized for freight, and we would like to have them as
early as possible."

Steve Johnson

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How common was it for stock cars to be temporarily / permanently converted
to other loads? This means cleaning out the critter leavings and straw, to
get to a more-or-less clean floor, and installing (or not) an interior
lining so the car could essentially become a boxcar.

I have a photo of a Rock Island (ex-MKT?) stock car with solid (plywood?)
lining sitting in a yard in Wichita so there was no clue if was converted
for grain service or some other more general loading.

As noted in the other thread on stock cars, I'm really thinking about the
end of the time period of this list.

Ron Merrick

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