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Bill Welch

That MM caption is in error in that the BREX express reefers used something called a "bi-forcated" end. The drawing I have of this end is for the 40-ft BRE steel reefers built in 1937 at Plattsmouth. There were 270 cars in the BREX 74730-74999 series. The end on this series featured two panels, each with four ribs, but when the cars were retro-fitted with fans, the lowest rib of the lower section was cut out and a section of plate steel was welded in its place. I have several photos that document this change. If anyone has any idea why this was done, please speak up.

The ends on the two-door express cars used the same rib configuration as the 40-ft cars, but on the ends of the 4-door cars the lowest rib is missing and there is a flat area as part of the stamping meaning the ends look like those on the 40-ft cars after they were fitted with fans.

The only photo I have other than a builders photo show one of the 4-dr express reefers in a B&O train. The angle of the photo makes it impossible to know which end is visible, but the second door is on the left end of the side.

Bill Welch

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On page 44 there is a cropped 1 5/16� x 2 1/4� photo of the “B� end that just includes enough of the side to show the full letters RE and a partial F with the text noting that only reverse Dreadnaught ends the author has seen was in a picture of Burlington express reefer shown in the 1943 Car Cyclopedia and that 29 of the fifty food cars were in service in 1949.

gary laakso

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During a previous discussion of these cars, it was stated that there was
"something" about them in Mainline Modeller of February 1987. Would anyone
have this issue?

Rupert Gamlen
Auckland NZ

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Ed according some postings on the BRHS list three years ago the doors are
"cream compartments"

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